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SALE Matatabi Cleaning Sticks (5 Pcs)

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These are soft woods that have special, euphoric "catnip effect" on cats who aren't affected by traditional catnip. It’s a great alternative that your cat will surely enjoy nibbling during playtime and will put your favorite feline into a good mood.
100% Pure Natural Matatabi stick that contain no additives or preservatives.  Non-toxic and safe for your cats. 
Promotes dental hygiene: This softwood is easily pierced by your cat’s teeth which help to scrub off any nasty dental plaque build-ups on molars, canines, and incisors, keeping them healthy and strong.
Suitable for cats of all ages and breeds. Helps to relieve your cat’s stress and stabilize blood pressure; make your cat feel calm and relaxed.
Your cats will love it, Simply give the treat to your cat to chew. The effect is similar to that of catnip. A euphoric mood will last from 5 to 30 minutes, during which your favorite furball will exhibit amusing and funny behavior (rolling, licking, drooling) and become super playful.
You can directly feed these sticks to your cats or cut off the skin of the sticks. After a period of use, if you noticed that it no longer has the same effect as in the beginning, simply cut off the used layer.

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